CU Petal Project

As florists, we oftentimes have extra flowers that we are not able to use. Whether it is over-ordering, leftovers from a wedding or event, or simply flowers we can no longer sell. Rather than toss these blooms I have started the CU Petal Project.

CU Petal Project gives us as adults the opportunity to teach children the importance of generosity. Children get unique opportunities to give to others without receiving anything in return. Something magic happens when they first realize how good it feels to surprise people and brighten their day.

A. Hunt Design will organize a “Give Days” here at the studio where extra flowers will be made into arrangements to give away around the community, at a hospital, or a nursing home. Parents can come with their children and leave with flowers to give away.

Ways to get involved!

  • Sign up for the newsletter.
  • Donate extra vases you have laying around.
  • Donate money for monthly flowers when leftovers are not available.
  • Donate flowers from your own yard.
  • Sign yourself and your kids up to help design and hand out flowers.
  • Contact me for opportunities for entire classrooms!

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Give flowers and love, just because. –A. Hunt