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Every fall A. Hunt Design has been honored to be one of the designers for the Garfield Park Conservatory’s annual fundraising gala, FLEUROTICA, in Chicago. The event showcases the talents of 20 Chicago florists and features a floral fashion show of gowns made up entirely of real flowers that walk the runway.

FLEUROTICA is a unique opportunity to support one of Chicago’s greatest treasures, the Garfield Park Conservatory, at an event that showcases the excitement, creativity, talent, and natural beauty of the city. FLEUROTICA is the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance’s signature fundraiser

and supports its mission to change lives through the power of nature.

It is a thrill, a challenge, and a rush unlike any other and I love it.

I so look forward to the event every year to expand my creative abilities and challenge myself as a designer.

A. Hunt Design is always looking for new ideas, new vessels, and new pathways to make floral art.

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