Beginner Ikebana Class 4/18/24

The Spirit of Ikebana – Life of Flowers

Ikebana is the centuries-old Japanese art of arranging flowers. The practice, which roughly translates to “making flowers come alive,” uses carefully selected blossoms, greenery, and other flora to convey a specific feeling or emotion to an observer – just as a painting or sculpture might.

Ikebana has distinct characteristics. It has both a philosophical and spiritual component along with its visual form.  In Ikebana “flower” can mean flower or branches or leaves – all growing things. Space is not “nothing” but indeed something very important and an integral part of the design.

Join Champaign native Jeanne Holy as she guides you through a beautiful evening introducing you to the Art of Ikebana. Jeanne has been studying and teaching Ikenobo ikebana for 35 years. She is currently president of the Illinois Prairie Ikenobo Chapter. She teaches, exhibits, and demonstrates for Ikebana organizations, garden clubs, schools, and out of her private home studio. Holy has traveled the United States and Japan to learn Ikenobo Ikebana taught by Japanese Professors.  As part of her pursuit of understanding Ikebana, she studied the Japanese language. In June of 2022 Holy was awarded the Headmaster Designate Prize (2nd prize) in the Ikenobo World Cup, an international competition with participation by 186 Ikenobo members from 120 chapters throughout the world.   She recently graduated from the Central Training Institute of Ikenobo headquartered in Kyoto and is currently enrolled in the Master’s Program.  Holy holds the highest Ikenobo degree Sokatoku.

At the class, you will be provided with all the tools and flowers needed to build your Ikebana design. The design and vessel are yours to take home after class.  The class is BYOB, so feel free to bring a beverage of your choice to share or enjoy yourself!

Thursday, April 18th

5:30 to 7:30 PM

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